Custom Prescription Lenses

If you require custom prescription lenses from a trusted and caring optometrist in the Houston area, New Sights Eyecare is the right choice. Whether you need standard eyeglasses or sunglasses, we can provide custom-cut lenses that meet your needs. There's no reason to part with the frames you genuinely love when you can obtain custom-cut lenses that will fit them. 

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We Can Fulfill Your Custom Eyeglasses Needs

Having custom eyeglasses can not only enhance your vision but also provide you with a more comfortable visual experience. Not all eyeglasses fit everyone as well as they should, and you deserve comfort, value, and excellent vision combined. By collaborating with a trusted optometrist, you can express your needs and concerns and have custom lenses tailored just for you, ensuring they fit the frames you already own and love.

While everyone should have lenses that match their prescription, there may be other customizations that can further enhance your vision and comfort. We want to make sure you're getting everything you need to see as clearly as possible and to feel confident in the eyeglasses you wear.

Custom Lenses for Sunglasses Are Also Available

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you understand that attempting to fit regular sunglasses over your prescription glasses is a cumbersome ordeal. Instead of dealing with that frustration, let us craft a pair of custom prescription lenses for sunglass frames you already find comfortable. You don't have to invest in new frames to get new lenses, and if you already have frames that work for you, there's no reason to change them.

Custom-Cut Lenses Make All the Difference

Custom-cut lenses can significantly improve your comfort because you won't have to part with frames you're already content with. These might be designer frames that are still in excellent condition, or a pair that perfectly complements your face and style. Regardless of your reasons, custom-cut lenses grant you the ability to see more clearly in the frames you already cherish.

Choose a Compassionate Optometrist Today

Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? At New Sights Eyecare, we believe in providing eye care with compassion for all our patients. If you're in the Houston area and in need of an optometrist who can assist you with custom-cut lenses, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We understand the significance of good vision, but we also recognize that comfort and confidence matter. We're here to help you achieve it all.

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