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Your eyes and vision are critical to your well-being. Once they have been compromised, it’s very hard, and sometimes impossible, to return to full vision capability. This is why quality eyecare services puts such a focus on regular eye exams and prevention, as well as regular treatment once a condition has been identified. By stabilizing your eyes and putting a stop to continued deterioration, eyesight and vision can be protected for much longer than if these conditions are left unattended.

Eyecare services

A Customer-Centric Optometrist Service

Led by Dr. Shanzida Alam, our team at New Sights Eyecare works hard every day on our commitment to protect our patients’ eyesight. We do this in a professional manner and with every detail and aspect considered for the patient’s comfort and care. It’s one of the reasons why New Sights Eyecare continues to be one of the most referred to optometrists near you for consumers in Houston, TX.

Eyecare Services Matter

Our services cover everything from a basic eye exam and vision clarity evaluation to custom lenses. We’re able to test and treat for chronic eye conditions as well, including serious concerns like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. We also provide all the out-patient prescription services you might expect for both eyeglasses and contact lenses. In fact, we provide eye exams, prescription, fittings, and follow-up reviews all within the same room. There’s no need for patients to run around to multiple Houston addresses just to update a pair of glasses or to get custom contacts.

Eye Exams are Essential

Regular eye exams provide one of the best ways to protect vision before serious concerns start to crop up. Because so many issues begin without noticeable symptoms a patient can identify, eye exams provide the missing review to spot the early signs of a problem before it really gets serious. Both glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are prime examples of this concern. Eye exams also confirm if children are developing correctly, and if heavily vision-reliant workers are taking care of their eyes.

Blurry Vision Doesn't Need to Be Permanent

For those people looking for a way to restore their vision clarity without eyeglasses, LASIK surgery has provided a permanent solution for many. Utilizing laser technology, a person’s corneas can be reshaped with the LASIK procedure, providing vision clarity that people may have gradually lost over decades. Laser eye surgery is particularly useful for astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia cases. Dr. Alam repeatedly provides LASIK solutions for patients every month at New Sights Eyecare.

Custom Lenses, Services, and More in Houston

If you're in the Houston, TX, area, call us today at New Sights Eyecare to schedule an appointment for our services. Whether you need custom contacts, eyeglasses, or eye surgical correction, we provide eyecare with compassion. Call us today at (281)-469-3400.

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