In-House Lab

There’s never a good time for your prescription lenses to break. With your prescription eyeglasses out of commission, you may be unable to complete basic tasks. We at New Sights Eyecare can provide the custom contact lenses and eyeglasses you need. Visit our location in Houston, TX, and secure those essential accessories as soon as possible.

In-House Lab

We can quickly make those accessories available to our patients with the help of our in-house lab. Learn more about the difference our in-house lab makes by continuing with the rest of this article.

Why You Should Choose an Optometrist with an In-House Lab

Consistent product quality is one of the most significant advantages of going to an optometry service with an in-house lab. You don’t have to worry about a third-party service sending damaged eyeglasses or contact lenses your way.

Our in-house lab also allows us to provide your accessories with minimal delay. We understand how difficult it is for our patients to go without their prescription accessories for extended periods. That’s why we prioritize their speedy delivery. You can expect your eyeglasses and contact lenses to arrive on time, around 48 hours, and in perfect condition.

Choosing an optometrist with an in-house lab also means you can get custom contact lenses and eyeglasses. Count on your new accessories to fit your exact preferences.

What to Expect from an Optometrist with an In-House Lab

You’ve already found our optometrist near you with an in-house lab. What kind of service can you expect during that appointment?

First, you will undergo an eye exam. The eye exam will let our optometrist know about your visual needs. He can then use the findings of that exam during the custom lens fittings. Talk to your optometrist if you’re struggling to find the right contact lenses or eyeglasses. Heed his advice to ensure you end up with the right accessories.

Get Custom Contact Lenses, Prescription Lenses, and an Eye Exam

Get a new pair of custom contact lenses or eyeglasses by partnering with us at New Sights Eyecare. Visit our location in Houston, TX, to get fitted today. Call us at (281)-469-3400 for custom lens fittings from an optometrist near you. Our doctor is with the patient from start to finish.

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